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Is sweet corn healthy ? -  Some nutritional fact about corn

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Is sweet corn healthy ? - Some nutritional fact about corn

There are several different sweet corn types and each variation with their own sweetness, color and maturation period. Depending on what the local and regional farmers demands. Most farmers opt for crops that attribute superior eating and keeping quality and high yields. Depending on the cultivar type, the crop can be ready for harvesting in 2-3 months. Harvesting is done when the silk end at the end of the plant has turned brown, and its kernels are firm and milky. Farmers check this daily around harvest time.Sweet corn containes high-quality dietary fibers, vitamins, and antioxidants in addition to minerals. It is one of the finest sources of dietary fibers with a 100 g kernels carrying 2 g or 5g of daily requirement of dietary fiber. Together with slow digesting complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber in the food helps regulate in a gradual increase in blood sugar levels.