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Junk-food memes :

Make your gluten-free products taste good - SECRET revealed hereScary clown find out he is not that scary - Funny food memeNice try, I know you love me mom - Funny food meme4 Burgers, 3 Hot Dogs, Bacon, Sandvich, Crisps, Pizza.... and a Diet COKEDr. Evil joke - What is this healthy food you speak of - Ignorance is a bless - Food memeFoods That Make You Fart - is it the same for everybody ?The double bacon burger with grilled cheese sandwhiches between the buns.Why you taste no good ? - Health food memeWill you marry me ? - I know you love pizza - Funny marriage proposalGlorious junk food - right for the picking, why do we do it ?FDA defines finally defines avocados and nuts as healthy foodsEveryone loses their mind when you tell them you are vegan.
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More Junk-food memes :

Morpheus - What if I told you healthy food taste amazing... would you eat it ?