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Your body language may also define how you fell:

body language : the process of communicating nonverbally through conscious
or unconscious gestures and movements.

The Power Of Self-Awareness:

Body Language is an important aspect of communication and impacts your relationships with other people. But your choice body language not only reveals your emotions to others your body language also transcends to how you feel yourself. Studies show that you use more muscles and stress your body when you make a sad or angry face compared to when you are happy and positive, so part of being sad or un-happy is actually a physical act which you can control using the muscles in your face, back and neck. And thus you can use the same muscles to generate a positive feeling and view on life just by moving a few muscles.

It's been proven that standing in a posture of confidence, affect your testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success. So try to be aware of the messages your body is sending. Try to notice what your body is communicating, and sometimes you can try to correct your posture and facial expressions just a little in a positive direction.. this is a great practice throughout life. I'm not talking about changing your body language as a deception and make your communication something untrue, I am just trying to make a point that changing the way you fell mentally usually starts by changing something physically which you can control. Physical exercise is a great example of this.

The look-up and smile challenge

To demonstrate how your physical posture affects your mode lets try to do a little challenge. If you stand up straight in a posture of confidence and look up (straight up) and you smile as big a smile you can. I dont care how you fell just look up and force yourself to make the biggest smile you can. And while you are in this somewhat crazy posture smiling up at the sky or celling or whatever you see while looking up smiling the biggest smile ever... I guarantee that most of you will experience it as a fun and positive exercise, proving how easily you can change the way you fell just by changing your posture.

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