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The future of UBER drivers and self-driving cars:

UBER : is a delivery and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, operating in 570 cities worldwide as per today.

A short history lesson in the taxi industry :
Taxis were introduced to make it easier to travel in the cities for the working class people. The first big taxi industry started with the horse and buggy in Paris around the 16th century and it actually to took 200 years before taxis appeared in New York city and with the mass production of the automobiles people could lease automobiles and drive taxi and pay back their loans on the cars they had leased or bought to drive, but driving as a competition to the horse and buggy, the horse and buggy industry quickly disappeared. And the modern taxi service as we know it today was born. An idea or social application which allows you to catch a ride from a stranger same time with the promise of payment once the ride is over. It gave people more freedom of movement.

The birth of the taxi mafia and taxi cartels :
Under law usually everyone is free to compete but when it comes to starting a taxi service this is not the case most places. Similar to radio broadcasting you need a special license or you will be considered a pirate. And local officials are usually working with one specific company under a taxi license which sets standards for the ride, the price, the drivers wages, road fees and so on, however you could argue that under such a system without competition the price will be too high and corruption has also occurred most places where you have these taxi licenses that are limited to one or a few companies.

How does UBER and ride-sharing work today?
While many city councils around the world are trying to ban Uber, Lyft, Sidecar or any others that threatens their monopoly on the taxi market. Uber and other are running their transportation service as an app. (application) or web/internet-service which is setup and installed on your smart-phone or other portable device with Android or IPhones operating system it integrates with you devices GPS (global positioning system) so it can position yourself and the nearest Uber driver and a map and calculate the arrival time and price and the driver and you can see each other LIVE on the map so you can easily meet-up even on a busy street corner as you already know which car to look for and are in communications with the driver through the app. Also users can review each ride which gives the driver incentive to provide a good experience and service. And because Uber does not pay the local taxi fess they can usually offer a cheaper price and/or quicker and smoother experience. They avoid the local taxi laws because they claim to simply provide the tool between two individuals calling allowing the driver and passenger to perform a P2P service.

What does the future of the taxi industry look like ?
Well I have talked about Bitcoin before so embrace yourself, when the self-driving cars hits the market as a taxi service it will be the perfect match for Bitcoin or similar crypto-currency. Actually IMO the Bitcoin technology will end up being as life changing for humanity as the internet itself, religion and sliced bread. It's crazy to think about how technology is moving forward so fast with Artificial Intelligence driving our cars soon, and automatically parking them for us also this will be reality very soon and some places it already is. And these driverless cars will work as driverless taxis when their owners are not using them. So I predict we will see way less cars on the streets in the near future.. hopefully running Open Source software on a decentralized network using power from a decentralized power grin. And users will use Bitcoin technology to transfer ownership of their vehicle P2P without a middle man, verify ID and P2P payments between users and also the machines will be making micro payments from machine to machine payments without any human intervention and your car will be able handle the re-charging of power itself and negotiate the price on a decentralized power grin where users and other cars re-sell energy and anyone can trade energy using their vehicles will also decide to trade power with other cars sometimes and/or sell its power back to a network depending on its location, destination and travel schedule. So maybe now also imagine a future where robots that are in traffic are doing important delivers might get special privileges as they are working for important people with important stuff. So just maybe we will see robots in the street with more right of way than humans, think about it, it could all happen in a future near you ;-)

Please let me know if you want to hear more about new technologies like Bitcoin, Decentralized networks, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless cars, instant delivery by drones And stuff like that.

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